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COVID Resources

Agenda for Children’s physical offices are closed to ensure the safety of our staff, centers and community. However, our staff are diligently working virtually and will continue to be available through phone and email.

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Agenda for Children/NOEEN’s Social Distancing Policy and Temporary Closure of Our Physical Offices

To protect our providers, staff, and community, Agenda for Children and NOEEN implemented a “social distancing” policy effective Monday, March 16, 2020.

We will not be open for TOTS finger scans. Parents can find a list of other TOTS machine locations here, and are strongly encouraged to call the locations because many may be closed as well.

Our physical offices will be closed, but our team will still be working and supporting you remotely. We will postpone or virtually conduct all scheduled meetings. This includes the upcoming NOEEN Quarterly Convening and Directors’ Collaborative meetings, which have been cancelled. This will impact many of our services and operations.

Agenda for Children has created a special email address for questions related to COVID-19:

You can also continue to call your local Agenda for Children office, as we are forwarding our phone systems to our staff’s phones.

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