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Workshop Registration

Below you will find highlights from some of our upcoming workshops as well as helpful information about registration and participation. You can also use the Workshop Calendar to map out your professional development over the next few months. Visit our registration page to see all of the classes currently open for registration and to register online.

September 2022 Professional Development

Our September workshop theme is The Successful CLASSroom. With CLASS observations just around the corner, the September workshops will cover important CLASS elements including higher order thinking, quality interactions, and effective classroom routines. Below are some highlights from this month’s workshops:

Understanding Louisiana’s Use of CLASS: Supporting Administrators’ Teacher Improvement Efforts: This 2-hour interactive training module is designed to assist school administrators and center directors in increasing teaching effectiveness. While all administrators have access to observation scores, not all understand how to use this data effectively. Few have sufficient understanding of the CLASS® instrument itself to understand what is needed to improve teaching. Administrators will learn to access and use scores from the CLASS® to make data-driven decisions about teachers’ needs and develop strategies for efficiently observing teachers and providing instructional leadership.
Date/Times: September 2nd, 12-2 p.m., September 16th, 12-2 p.m.

Teach Me What To Do Instead: Would you like to learn how to use positive behavior support strategies with your preschool children to help them understand and control their emotions? Do you know what your hot buttons are and how they affect how you interact with your children? This 3-hour session is designed to introduce preschool educators and family child care home providers to strategies that can be used to help children learn: to follow rules, routines, and directions; to identify feelings in themselves and others; to control anger and impulse; and to engage in social problem solving. Participants attending this session will leave with hands-on materials they can immediately use in their classroom to support children’s positive behaviors.
Date/Time: September 17th, 12-3 p.m.

CLASS Overview: Infant, Toddler, & Pre-K: Have you ever wondered what those CLASS observers are looking for when they visit your classroom? Or are you a new teacher? If so, CLASS Overview is just what you need! This session will provide you with an introduction to the CLASS tool so you can learn what CLASS observations are and why Louisiana uses them to measure program quality. This session will also help you connect CLASS to your knowledge of how young children develop and learn. We will do a “deeper dive” into the domains and dimensions of the Infant, Toddler, and Pre-K CLASS tools.
Date/Time: September 28th, 12-2 p.m.

October 2022 Professional Development

By October, most classrooms have settled into the familiar buzz of a routine. With GOLD Checkpoints on the horizon, now it’s time to tune into the skills that each child has been developing this Fall. Our October workshops focus building an understanding of the elements of child development and support an accurate observation and assessment process. Below are some highlights from this month’s workshops:

Do You See What I See? Using Assessment to Guide Children’s Learning and Development: This session will guide the defining of assessment and provide a description of what observation‐based assessment means. Participants will review the ages and stages of development, using both the Louisiana ELDS and TS GOLD® color bands. Participants will discuss when and how to conduct observations, how to use Tier 1 curricula to aid assessment, and how to use observation data to make curriculum adaptations with supplemental activities. Finally, participants will discuss how to evaluate development with reliability. This instruction will lead to teacher action and changes for improved practice and learning.
Date/Times: October 22nd, 10:30 a.m.- 12:30 p.m.

Ongoing Child Assessment: Partnering with Families: Ever wonder how to partner with families to support children’s development and learning? This workshop focuses on building partnerships between the teaching staff and family in the context of ongoing child assessment in the classroom. Participants will learn about family-staff collaboration in gathering assessment information on a child learning at home and in school and strategies that support two-way exchanges and information sharing.
Date/Time: October 22nd, 8-11 a.m.

Child Development: Brain Building for Children Birth to Age 5: Would you like to build your knowledge of brain development of children birth to age 5? Are you familiar with the key roles that individual differences and family, program, socio-cultural contexts play in children’s development? In this 3 hour session participants will discover the process of typical brain development, the impact of the child’s environment, and how educators can support healthy development. Participants will leave this session with strategies to effectively build positive relationships with and between children and families to support health brain development.
Date/Time: October 22nd, 12-3 p.m.

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Workshop Calendar

Use this calendar of upcoming workshops to plan your professional development over the next few months. Note that registration is not yet available for all classes. Our online registration system shows classes currently accepting registration, and new classes are added all the time!


Tip: Click the Agenda tab at the top of the calendar to see the calendar in a list format.

Sessions for Type I, Type II, & School-Based Providers

We welcome participants from Type I, Type II, and School-Based centers to attend our workshops for a small fee. Limited seats are reserved for Express Registration to these participants in workshops that include “Type I/II/School” in the workshop title. These can be found on the Workshop Calendar. Additional seats may become available to these participants in other scheduled workshops and may be open for registration within one week before the workshop date. Type I, Type II, and School-Based centers may also request private fee-based workshops scheduled on-site or virtually. For questions about workshop registration, please contact or visit the custom workshops page.

Helpful Registration How-To Guides

Accounts & Registration

Registration is required for all Agenda for Children workshops. Agenda for Children reserves the right to cancel multiple registrations for the same workshop to allow space for other participants to enroll.

Before registering for a workshop, please ensure your account information is up to date by logging into then clicking “My Account” then “Edit Profile/Password.”

Participants will need to register for each individual session they would like to attend. Sessions are capped at 25 participants, so we encourage you to register as soon as possible. You will receive the session Zoom link with your confirmation email as well as in a reminder email two days before your session. If you register for more than one session, please ensure you are logging into your session with the correct Zoom link.

Beginning March 1, 2022, each individual became responsible for maintaining their own Agenda for Children account to complete registration, update their profile, complete evaluations, and download certificates. On March 1, 2022, the option for primary account holders (i.e. directors) to manage staff accounts was eliminated, and all accounts were unlinked. This change was made to reduce account errors and to promote accountability and ownership of professional development opportunities among individual participants. Click here for help with creating an account or registering.

Register Online


Registration is currently only open to programs in the following parishes in Agenda for Children’s Child Care Resource & Referral (CCR&R) service area:

  • Assumption
  • Jefferson
  • Lafourche
  • Orleans
  • Plaquemines
  • St. Bernard
  • St. Charles
  • St. James
  • St. John
  • St. Tammany
  • Terrebonne
  • Washington

Programs outside of these parishes should contact their local CCR&R. To find your CCR&R, click here.

Registration is offered free of charge to staff who work at Type III programs and family child care providers registered with the Child Care Assistance Program. Participants from these program types will need to provide us with their program’s license number so we can verify that their program accepts Child Care Assistance and that they are eligible to attend the training for free.

Registration for staff from non-Type III programs (Type I, Type II, and school-based programs) is $10 per participant per 2-hour session, with an additional $5 per additional clock hour. Online payment is required prior to attendance; we cannot accept payments in-person or via mail. Due to restrictions in our funding, we are not able to open registration to Type I, Type II, and school-based programs until we have enough participants from Type III centers. Non-Type III programs should contact for information on registering. 

Virtual Workshop Policy

Below are Agenda for Children’s requirements and guidance to ensure you are successful in participating in and completing a virtual workshop:

  • You must have your own email address, technology (computer, tablet, phone), and Internet access or cell data in order to attend virtual classroom workshops. Shared devices are not allowed. If a facilitator identifies more than one person on a single device, the person who owns the device will be eligible for a certificate but the other person will not be eligible for a certificate and will be asked to leave the session.
  • After completing workshop registration, participants will receive an email with the link for the Zoom workshop as well as any handouts for the workshop. One to two days before the virtual workshop, participants will receive a reminder email with the same information.
  • At least 10 minutes before the session starts, participants should join the virtual workshop by clicking on the Zoom link they received. Participants should download the Zoom app prior to their session and give themselves enough time to get into the workshop session and settle in. Participants logging in 10 minutes after the session begins will not be admitted.
  • Participants will be required to respond to roll calls verbally and put their first and last name in the chat box at both the beginning and end of the session. Be sure to name your device by first and last name only (numbers, emojis, nicknames will not be accepted) as this helps us recognize you before check-in and will also be used to check for participation throughout the session after the session ends.
  • Participants will need to use both audio and video to participate in the session and are required to be visible on camera and use their microphone whenever asked. Participants must have a secure Internet connection that will allow them to stay actively signed into the session. Participants experiencing technical difficulties due to no fault of Agenda for Children may not be admitted back into the current session to reduce disruptions to the session.
  • Participants must ensure they are in an environment that supports learning. Participants who are actively supervising children, driving, shopping, web searching, etc. while attending the workshop will be removed from the session.
  • Participants who are not present for the full duration of the session or who do not comply with the aforementioned guidance or requests made by facilitators will not receive a certificate. 
  • Licensing or the Department of Health can contact Agenda for Children to confirm attendance as needed.


Seven days after a workshop, participants should log into their Agenda for Children account to complete the workshop evaluation and download their certificate.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellations for workshops should be made before a workshop begins by logging into then clicking “My Account” then “Registrations” then “Drop.”

For individual registrants, Agenda for Children will issue 50% of the registration fee if cancellation requests are made before registration closes, which is three business days prior to the workshop. To request a refund, email Agenda for Children will not issue refunds for requests made after registration closes or after a workshop has occurred. 

An organization may substitute a colleague for the original registrant at no charge before registration closes, which is three business days prior to the workshop. To request a substitution, email

“No Show” Policy

Cancellations for workshops should be made before a workshop begins by logging into then clicking “My Account” then “Registrations” then “Drop.”

Anyone who registers for a health and safety workshop and fails to attend without warning will be blocked in our online registration system and registration may be dropped from the next round of workshops. For non health and safety workshops, anyone who no shows for two or more trainings in a row will be temporarily blocked from using our online registration system.

These policies are in place because we often have far greater interest in our workshops than spaces available. When participants no show, they take a valuable seat that someone else in the community needed. If you are unable to attend a workshop for whatever reason, you can always request that a colleague attend in your place (within at least 3 days’ notice) or drop the class through our registration system.

When Agenda for Children Cancels Workshops

In the event that a scheduled workshop is canceled by Agenda for Children due to unforeseen circumstances, participants registered for the session will be notified using the email on their registration account, and anyone who paid workshop fees will be fully refunded.

Child Care Policy

We are committed to children, but out of respect for the adult learners in our sessions, children are not allowed at in-person workshop sessions, and participants in virtual workshop session should not be actively supervising children. Participants who bring children to in-person sessions or who are actively supervising children in virtual sessions will be asked to leave or be removed from their virtual session.

Have Questions?

Should you need any assistance in registering for a workshop or require assistance before, during, or after you are registered for a workshop, please email

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