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The Early Childhood Opportunity Fund (ECHO) Fund is Agenda for Children’s innovative grant program that seeks to increase access to high-quality early care and education for children from birth through age four, through directly funding early childhood programs’ needs.

The ECHO Fund directly supports the needs of early learning programs in our region, investing in increased access,  ingenuity, and quality for our youngest learners. Since the fund’s inception in 2018, Agenda for Children has distributed over 1,000 grants totaling over $8.8M in ECHO grants.

Who Funds the ECHO Fund?

The ECHO Fund is made possible through the generous support of national foundations, state funding, individual donors and local educational partners, as well as through the School Readiness Tax Credit program. Learn more

Are there any ECHO Grant opportunities available currently?

Yes! We are currently accepting applications for the Spring 2024 Orleans Parish Health & Safety ECHO Grant until 5:00 PM, May 24th.

Learn more about this grant opportunity here.

Learn more about ECHO Grants here.

Since 2018, Agenda for Children has provided over $8.8M in grants to centers and nonprofits through our ECHO Fund for stabilization supports, quality improvements, and innovative projects.

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