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Louisiana KIDS COUNT

Agenda for Children arms local decision makers—from state legislators to parent advocates—with timely, accurate data about how well children are doing in their parish through our KIDS COUNT project.

Our analysis and policy recommendations use an equity lens to shed light on how Louisiana can become a place where all children can thrive. With the right knowledge and set of strategies, we can work together to build systems that build opportunities for all children and families.

Our Partner: The Annie E. Casey Foundation

Agenda for Children has partnered with the Annie E. Casey Foundation as Louisiana’s KIDS COUNT grantee since 1991.

As a KIDS COUNT grantee, we provide timely, unbiased data on child well-being for every parish in Louisiana. Whether you want to know if the number of uninsured children in your parish is on the rise, or if there are racial disparities in low birthweight babies, our KIDS COUNT project has the data you need.

Our parish profiles include information on family economic security, education, health, juvenile justice and child welfare. We also maintain data (including data disaggregated by race) in the national KIDS COUNT Data Center, where you can easily rank parishes, map data and create charts showing trends over time.

Parish Data

Louisiana KIDS COUNT Data Center

Louisiana KIDS COUNT Publications

Agenda for Children also raises awareness of national KIDS COUNT publications in Louisiana, including the annual KIDS COUNT Data Book, which ranks each state on 16 different measures of child well-being.

KIDS COUNT Publications

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Want to learn more about Louisiana KIDS COUNT? Contact us at kidscount@agendaforchildren.org.

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Our KIDS COUNT policy briefs and data products are paving the way for better policies for Louisiana children and their families. Our work on child care teacher wages was used to support the creation of grants that will give thousands of child care teachers a much-needed boost in wages in 2021.

of Louisiana children live in poverty (2019)
of Louisiana children are insured (2019)
of Louisiana babies were born at low birthweight (2019)
of eighth graders scored below proficient on the NAEP math test (2019)
You can make Louisiana a state in which all children can thrive!
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The Annie E. Casey Foundation's 2024 KIDS COUNT Data Book Ranks Louisiana 48th in Child Well-BeingLearn more