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NOEEN Coordinated Funding

Every year, each Early Childhood Community Network in the state, including NOEEN, submits a Coordinated Funding Request (CFR) to the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) detailing recommendations for seat allocations to specific operators for state-funded early care and education seats (LA4, NSECD, and B-3) for the upcoming school year. The CFR is also the process by which sites apply for City Seats seat allocations which are administered directly by NOEEN.

All sites that wish to begin or continue to receive LA4, NSECD, B-3, and/or City Seats funding must submit an application to be evaluated through the CFR process. This request is a unified application process, meaning there is only one application for all aforementioned funding sources.

Requests by providers are evaluated by the NOEEN Coordinated Enrollment and Coordinated Funding Request Subcommittee. Final allocations are voted on by the Steering Committee. NOEEN recommendations for seat allocations to specific early childhood programs for LA4, NSECD, and B-3 are subject to approval by BESE. The NOEEN Steering Committee is the final determinant of City Seats allocations.

The goal of NOEEN’s Coordinated Funding Request is to ensure that the limited number of publicly-funded early childhood seats are allocated to those programs that:

  • Are high quality
  • Are in high demand by parents
  • Meet the needs of families
  • Demonstrate administrative competency

Coordinated Funding Request Timeline*

*Timeline is subject to change

  • September: NOEEN announces CFR process
  • October: Application period
  • October – December: NOEEN Coordinated Enrollment & Coordinated Funding Request Subcommittee reviews and scores applications, conducts interviews, and site visits
  • January: NOEEN Coordinated Enrollment & Coordinated Funding Request Subcommittee submits allocation recommendations to NOEEN Steering Committee; Steering Committee reviews and approves allocation recommendations for LA4, NSECD, and B-3 and submits to LDOE; NOEEN Steering Committee reviews and approves final allocations for City Seats
  • February – April: LDOE reviews NOEEN recommendations and determines final allocations (LA4, NSECD, B-3)
  • April: BESE approves final allocations (LA4, NSECD, B-3)
  • May: NOEEN announces final award determinations (LA4, NSECD, B-3, City Seats)

Coordinated Funding Request Eligibility

 LA4NSECDCity SeatsB-3
Provider TypePublic SchoolsPrivate Schools, Type III ProvidersType III ProvidersType III Providers
Ages ServedPK4PK4B-3B-3
Other RequirementsLA4 Provider ManualNSECD Provider ManualCity Seats Sample MOUB-3 Sample MOU

Upcoming Coordinated Funding Requests

NOEEN will launch the CFR application for the 2023-2024 school year on October 3, 2022. Applications are due by October 28, 2022.

To support programs with preparing and submitting a timely and accurate application, we are sharing the application components below. We encourage programs to gather the information below before completing their application.

  • All applicants will provide:
    • Name of program, address, number of children enrolled, ages served, history of public funding
    • Request for public funding by age of child, number of seats requested by age and by funding source
    • Program services provided for children with disabilities, English language learners, and families experiencing hardships, including identification methods, resources, and partnerships
    • Licensed capacity, plans to expand (if applicable), teacher recruitment and retention strategies, and familiarity with the NOLA Public Schools Common Enrollment Process (NCAP)
    • Approach to incorporating arts, music, science, technology, and outdoor play
  • Applicants for City Seats and/or B-3 funding will provide:
    • Hours of operation, current waitlist numbers
    • Number of classrooms by age, lead teacher credentials (degrees and certifications)
    • Teacher compensation rates, benefits offered (healthcare, retirement, etc.)
    • Family engagement and communication strategy
  • Applicants for LA4 and/or NSECD funding will provide:
    • Transportation offerings, before and after care options, information regarding uniforms

Programs will have the option to upload supporting documentation regarding teacher benefits, family engagement, and program services provided for children with disabilities, English language learners, and families experiencing hardships . Documentation is not mandatory but will support a stronger application.

Programs should plan to complete the full unified CFR application in one sitting as the application cannot be saved and revisited.

After submitting the unified CFR application, all applicants will complete a phone interview with a member of the NOEEN CFR Evaluation Team or a site visit if they have not not previously completed one.

Sites should check this website and the NOEEN newsletter regularly for new information. You can read more about past rounds of the coordinated funding request process below.

2022 – 2023 CFR Materials & Recommendations

Secured $3M local municipal investment and $3M in state matching funds that will increase next year’s NOEEN City Seats program to serve 400 infants and toddlers in New Orleans. Plus, we also received a State allocation of 373 Preschool Development Grant seats. That’s nearly 800 new infants and toddlers in New Orleans who will have the opportunity for quality early education each year.

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