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The Future of Children Starts With You

Agenda for Children can provide parishes the resources and data they need to build a stronger, more prosperous Louisiana.

As a Louisiana’s KIDS COUNT grantee, we offer timely, unbiased data on child well-being in every parish in Louisiana. You can use this data to identify trends, compare your parish to others, and see how outcomes vary by race and ethnicity.

How to Access Your Parish Data

Use the links below to see all of the data available for your parish in the online KIDS COUNT Data Center. Once you’re in a parish’s profile, you can click on an indicator’s title (e.g. Child Poverty) to easily switch to a view that allows you to rank parishes, map outcomes, and create bar charts.

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Agenda for Children supported the passage of HB601 which will dedicate 50% of revenue generated from New Orleans Pelicans specialty license plates to the Louisiana Early Childhood Education Fund.

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