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Ancillary Certificate Information

All lead teachers in publicly-funded centers (Type III) are required to have a current Early Childhood Ancillary Teaching Certificate (ECAC) as a minimum credential within 24 months of beginning their position as a lead teacher.

Visit the Louisiana Believes web site for the most up-to-date information on the ECAC, or use the links and information below.

How Agenda supports providers in the Early Childhood Ancillary Certificate process

1. We provide guidance and information about the process to teachers and directors. Review our helpful list of links below to get started.

2. For teachers who are not required to obtain their training from a BESE-approved provider, we can provide a transcript review, advice about where to obtain additional training, portfolio development support and assistance in locating a Professional Development Specialist. Contact your local Agenda office to learn more.

More information about the ECAC

Early Childhood Ancillary Certificate Frequently Asked Questions: the best resource for understanding everything about the Ancillary Certificate, from who needs an early childhood ancillary certificate to how to apply for one.

ECAC Staffing Map for Directors: directors should use this tool to keep track of which staff have an ECAC, as well as when they will need an ECAC, and how they plan to obtain one.

LDE Early Childhood Ancillary Certificate Flier

Directory of BESE-Approved ECAC Programs: a list of all BESE-approved Ancillary Early Childhood Certificate programs in Louisiana.

User Guide for Teach LA Live! portal for Early Childhood Ancillary Certification: the Teach LA Live! portal is where teachers apply for the Early Childhood Ancillary Certificate after they have already received the training and education needed to qualify for an Ancillary Certificate.

Louisiana Pathways Career Development System Enrollment: anyone who wishes to qualify for a School Readiness Tax Credit for directors or teachers, apply for a CDA Assessment scholarship, or apply for a scholarship to attend a BESE-approved Early Childhood Ancillary Certificate program or college (for early childhood education) should enroll in the Pathways Career Development System.

Louisiana Pathways Scholarship Information: Louisiana Pathways provides scholarships for early learning center staff to attend a BESE-approved Early Childhood Ancillary Certificate program or college (for eligible degrees). Pathways also offers CDA Assessment fee scholarships, as well as scholarships for administrators to attend administrative training. Anyone seeking a scholarship from Pathways must also enroll in Pathways’ Career Development System.



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