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Record-breaking School Readiness Donation

November 11, 2023–Last week, Madere & Sons Towing donated $65,000 to early childhood programs in Plaquemines Parish by claiming School Readiness Tax Credits for all thirteen of their businesses. “It’s all about your community and giving back—we couldn’t be who we are, my kids couldn’t be who they are, without early childhood programs,” says Jamie Madere, Office Manager of Madere and Sons.

Jamie knows first-hand how early childhood education can change a child’s future. As a veteran Kindergarten teacher in Plaquemines Parish, Jamie attended several trainings at Agenda for Children before stepping in to help manage the family business. “When our CPA told us about these tax credits, I knew they were a benefit for the business, but I also knew who the recipient was—which means more.”

Since 2007, School Readiness Tax Credits have been an easy way for businesses to redirect their taxes locally in support of early childhood education. Any business with a Louisiana state Tax ID can receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for up to $5,000 by donating to Agenda for Children. School Readiness Tax credits are fully refundable—this means that you get every penny back either by reducing your taxes or a check from the state if you owe less than your donation.

Every penny donated goes back out into the community, and businesses can designate a specific parish in which those funds will be disbursed. “We work with the early childhood organizations in each parish to put the money where it is most needed,” says Agenda for Children CEO, Jen Roberts. “Last year, we were able to match our school readiness tax credit donations 10:1 to grant out over a million dollars to early childcare centers in Southeast Louisiana.”

Danny Allday is Madere and Sons’ CPA, and he and his wife also donated $20,000 in School Readiness Tax Credits through his four businesses. “I knew that I was going to do this as soon as I learned about it, and then of course whenever I do something for myself, I always try to recommend it to my clients, especially when it’s a win-win situation,” says Danny. “I was thinking about Madere and Sons benefiting by getting a $5,000 tax credit on their personal return, and then I learned that we could expand it to all of their businesses, and they were all for it, knowing that they’re going to get all their money back through all their tax filings.”

An established leader in marine logistics, towing, and barge rentals, Madere and Sons was started in 1982 with just one tug. Now they have eight. “Next year we will add another tug, and that will be another school readiness tax credit donation,” says Jamie, “it is a win-win for everybody, but mostly for those little ones who desperately need it.”

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